Medical Malpractice Litigation

Medical malpractice is the cornerstone of Barker, Castro & Steinback’s litigation practice. The firm represents a variety of healthcare providers including university medical centers, community hospitals, health systems, ambulatory centers, and physician groups. In addition to a broad hospital based practice, our team of attorneys represents physicans, dentists, nurses, physician assistants, paramedics, and other allied healthcare providers.

Our dedicated attorneys pride themselves on providing a comprehensive defense from the inception to the conclusion of the case, whether that result is achieved through dismissal by motion practice, settlement, or trial. Our firm’s dedication to an aggressive defense starts from the very beginning. We provide a comprehensive presuit investigation, targeted motion practice, immediate consult with national and internationally recognized consultants in all areas of medicine. This approach combined with our vast experience provides our clients with unmatched results and success. Our extensive experience and scope of knowledge is not confined to the courtroom. Our attorneys attend and speak at local and nationally recognized professional seminars, meetings and symposiums.

In addition to their knowledge and experience, our attorneys rely on the latest courtroom technology to present the facts, issues and defenses to the twelve lay people in the jury in a simple yet comprehensive form. A jury will not support an argument they do not understand. We will continue to pursue cutting edge technologies so as to present our clients’ defense in the best and most convincing light to the juries of the future.

We believe our strength lies in our ability to identify and craft the best defense for each individual case. Our attorneys’ extensive trial experience enables us to review a case and to provide recommendations as to those cases best suited for trial or early resolution. The protection of our clients’ best interests is always foremost. Our attorneys have tried numerous cases with successful results!