Steve Steinback Shares Insights on Death Certificate Requirements and Potential Consequences for Failing to Complete Death Certificates

October 2020

Steve Steinback recently discussed the topic of death certificates, and the potential consequences for not signing a certificate, in a recent webinar for a healthcare organization.

Many unique factors surround the legality of a death certificate. In his presentation, Steve addressed:

  • Why death certificates are required:
    • The Vital Records Act
    • State and federal epidemiology statistics
    • Families and funeral homes
  • The individual responsible for signing the death certificate
  • Potential consequences if a death certificate is not signed
  • Acceptable causes of death
  • Issues concerning the primary care physician and the timeliness of the process

Steve is a founding partner with Barker, Castro, Kuban & Steinback LLC, and concentrates his practice in the areas of healthcare defense, medical malpractice litigation, product liability, construction, due process and Section 1981 and 1983 claims, and commercial litigation. The scope of his experience includes wrongful death cases and permanent disability cases covering a wide range of medical specialties.