Risk Management Counseling

Barker, Castro & Steinback provides their clients with comprehensive assessments, pre-suit investigations, and general counseling in various areas of hospital and health care risk management. Our lawyers remain updated on changes in the law and State regulations that affect the needs of various health care institutions. Barker, Castro & Steinback provides detailed reviews of policies, procedures, documentation and forms utilized by its clients and works with clients to implement modification to reduce risk and promote quality and patient safety.

Barker, Castro & Steinback routinely meets with and counsels clients in the area of Consent for Treatment, Informed Refusal of Treatment, EMTALA, Privileges under the Illinois Medical Studies Act, Advance Directives of Patients, Patient Privacy Laws, HIPAA, Documentation and Record Keeping, Physician Privileges and Limitations, Media Relations, obligations of medical staff in matters involving patients in police custody and interactions with law enforcement, as well as general risk management matters.